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Wednesday, October 03, 2007


People think I have a shot at becoming least a better shot than Micheal Moore!


A regular customer who Corey had given the platform to a few weeks ago was in the store again ... she's a woman in her 40s, a mom, a doctor's wife who is now taking film courses ... planning to make films and documentaries ... when Corey first handed it to her, it turned out she thought he was talking about Michael Moore, and her first reaction had been that he was not going to win, and we needed to support one of the democratic candidates who had a shot ... Corey asked her to just take a look at the platform, also not knowing she thought it was Michael Moore. Now, when Corey saw her again, she said that she had read the platform, and that Frank "had it all figured out". She loved it ... and wished that we could get someone in office who would do these things, and think this way. Corey said well, she could vote for Frank by writing him in, and she said, "I could ... I will!"

Then Corey ran into Jared, the young electrician that rents the front apartment in Amy Moon's duplex, and he was asking about the campaign ... had he read Frank's platform? No, he hadn't ... but he would be curious to read it ... what did Corey think of Obama, Ron Paul ... Corey said that we didn't like Obama, felt that he was very much part of the same machine that really has an interest in not really solving problems ... and that Ron Paul had a lot of alternative views, but he wanted to privatize everything, including health care, which seemed like it would be a disaster! Corey would drop by a platform on one of this back and forths.


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