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Name: lavapen

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Re: Interview

From: Phil DEFER
To: fmoore
Sent: Tuesday, October 02, 2007 4:21 PM
Subject: Interview

Mr Moore,

As a 22-year-old French student, I'm very interested in American politics. Since I read that you're a candidate for the 2008 campaign for President in the US, I wanted to ask you some questions in order to know you better. Your answers will be published on my Forum ( ), SPECIAL USA 2008 SECTION, where you're invited of course. I hope you'll help us promote the broadcasting of your answers. On the forum are also present a common declaration you'd probably like to sign some other candidates, and I hope you'll also register to it and I'm planning to organize debates. And, hum, excuse me for my english, not very good...

Now, here are the questions :

1. Could you introduce yourself in a few sentences ?

2. How was your political engagement born ?

3. What personal way drove you to compete for the presidency of the United States ?

4. Can you tell me some key points about your program, the main ideas ?

5. How do you view the upcoming campaign, can you give us some elements about what it represents in term of hardships, opportunities... in the US system, and what about your strategy ?

6. Political fiction : It's January, the 20th, 2009. You have just been elected president ! What are your first steps, your priorities ?

7. What are America's biggest internal problems today, and what are your answers ?

8. Same question for America's external problems.

9. More specifically, what do you think should be done on Iraq and national security ?

10. What about environment ?

11. What about your political (institutions), social, economic and societal (civil rights, abortion, homosexuality...) positions ?

12. What should be America's relationship with the rest of the international community ?

13. Political fiction, again. You're at the White House. Iran just acquired nuclear weapons, with abilities to launch them to Europe's doors. It now threatens to launch one on Tel-Aviv if the Israelis don't evacuate the territory under 48 hours. As the Commander in Chief, what do you do ?

14. What assessment do you make of George W. Bush's presidency, and on which points will you be inspired or distance yourself from him ?

15. Could you tell me about you day of September the 11th, 2001 ?

16. What are, according to you, the 21st century's greatest challenges, and how to face them ?

17. We were all marked by historical events. What are yours ?

18. What is your "vision of America" ?

19. Since I'm French, how do you view this nation, this country, what do we inspire to you, notably our new president Sarkozy ?

20. More specifically, what did you think when President Chirac strongly opposed Bush on the issue of the war in Iraq ?

21. Which historical presidents, persons, dead or living, inspire you the most today ?

22. In private, what do you like to do ?

23. Do you have a motto in live, and if yes what is it ?

24. Finally, why YOU more than another one at the presidency ? Please give this interview's readers an infallible argument.

25. Free question, if you want to add anything...

Yes, I know, it's very long. But I think it would be general enough to be put on your website for a general presentation of you candidacy. I'd be very honoured to receive a reply. Of course, you don't have to reply to all the questions. Could you please join to your answers a photo of you I'd use to illustrate the interview, and would you agree about a link exchange ?

Thanks much in advance,
Phil Defer, an observer from beyond the Atlantic ! ;o)

From: Frank Moore
To: Phil DEFER
Subject: Interview

Great, phil! we'll link your site on ours. and i'll start working on answering your great, deep questions. it'll probably take me a week or so to finish.

In Freedom,
Frank Moore


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