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Name: lavapen

Saturday, August 23, 2008

how can I help

John sent me your emails.
How can I help you out?

Adam L. Brook
Road Manager and Merch Guru for our Big Chief John Sinclair
Cass Corridor, Detroit

Frank Moore wrote:
hi, adam! ? To qualify as a write-in candidate in Michigan (to have the votes for me counted), I need to submit a list containing the names and addresses of 17 persons to serve as electors. could you help me get 17 people?

The role/duty of the elector only kicks in if/when I win the popular vote in the state in the general election. So being my elector doesn't limit your ability to vote for anybody you please in the general election...although I hope you will vote for me! If/when I win the state's popular vote, you as my elector would ritualistically cast a vote for me in the Electoral College.

thanks, adam and john!

In Freedom,
Frank Moore


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