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Name: lavapen

Sunday, September 07, 2008

I agree with most of your platform... but (a message from Redlands' High friend).

From: Ruth Spivak
Sent: Tuesday, August 12, 2008 6:47 PM
Subject: I agree with most of your platform... but (a message from Redlands' High friend).


Stephanie Levine Lucero, a friend of mine from Redlands, who say you a couple of days ago told me that she met you in Berkeley. She told me you were running for president, so I looked up your platform on the web.

I sent the link to Mr. Height.

I am not a believer in the flat tax. How do you determine what income to put that flat tax on? Small business, sole proprietors etc, have different gross profits. Some may have a 100% gross profit while others may only have 10% of their sales being income. A restaurant has a much lower gross profit than a professional. You will have everyone forming corporations so that they can take the same deductions that they took as sole proprietors to get to a lower bottom line.

I also believe in graduated income tax. Let those who make more pay more. All your cut off of $1 million will do is cause people who are really rich to have underground economies or to form more corporations and funnel their income of 10 million into 11 corps and then pay only 10%.

People are great at finding ways to avoid paying that massive tax. If you have a graduated rate, and with computers you could have a mill increase for each $100 of income, you reduce the incentive to hide money or to be creative in the way you split it up.

Hope to hear for you. I love hearing about you. Your Wikipedia doesn't mention Redlands High. What an omission!

Ruth Meyer Spivak

Frank Moore wrote:
hey, ruth! yes, i'm still causing trouble!

will you give me mr. height's contact info. i ran into him in s.f. in the early 80s. but lost contact when he got fired from a private school and went on a european bike tour with his wife. one of my heroes!

the tax plank turns out to be the most controversial thing in my platform. the tax would either be on profit or actual income. i would limit how many corporation boards one can be on. but i'm not wed to the tax structure i outlined. a graduated rate of 1% on the first $10,000 [after the $12,000 guaranteed minimum income], 2% on $20,000, etc. would also work...with no deductions.

In Freedom,
Frank Moore


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