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Name: lavapen

Thursday, February 14, 2008

amazing responses!

Super Tuesday was on all day in the break room, and it was a common topic of conversation ... later, when Corey came back to shop, he asked Dana if she had voted, but between the baby and work, she just couldn't make it ... Corey told her that it why one of Frank's platforms is to make election day a paid holiday, and she said that this just so made sense! She wanted a platform to bring home to her mom. At the end of the day, the woman from Grindstone bakery came in, and Corey checked her in, and they were chatting about the election. She voted for Hillary, although wanted to see both Obama and Hillary in it ... who was Corey voting for? Frank Moore in the general election ... he gave her a platform. She read it very critically, right there as Corey continued stocking. She hit the common bumps in the platform ... she didn't like getting rid of social security ... flat tax will never work ... Corey said to read on, that it was not the usual flat tax scenario, and that getting rid of social security made sense in the context of all the other changes in the platform, and that there would be a transition period ... she read a bunch more of the platform, and said that it was much more thought out than what either Hillary or Obama were saying ... hey, maybe she would vote for Frank in November!


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