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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Moore Block buttons in NY

Hey Frank, and everybody

Last night’s NYC premiere of Blonde Island Funk Me was fabulous! After the screening, everybody went toa Club China and talked about the primaries, asking who are you voting me, Hillary or Obama? Well, I said, I’m voting for me. At least they just thought it was another one of my silly jokes. But then I gave out a few of Frank’s platforms and it was all “Right on, this is what we need.” Then they realized that they’d just seen Frank in one of the movies that had screened (by Annie Sprinkle). Then everybody wanted Moore/Block buttons. They put them on proudly, and walked off, many with platforms to spread the news through the rest of New York! Going to Yale tomorrow…

Xo Suzy

Frank Moore wrote:
that's a great story, suzy! i continue to pop up everywhere! we only know a tiny fraction of who/how we reach! one thing is sure...if we can get our platform to the people, we'll win!

i'm off to do another interview!

In Freedom,
Frank Moore


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