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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Frank Moore on German Online Magazine ZEIT ONLINE

From: Norbert Bayer
To: Franik Moore
Sent: Monday, March 03, 2008 6:26 AM
Subject: Press Image for German Online Magazine ZEIT ONLINE

Dear supporters of Frank Moore,

this is Norbert Bayer writing to you from the German online magazine Zuender which is a division of ZEITonline, the online service of the German's biggest weekly paper DIE ZEIT.

I would like to ask you if it would be possible for you to send us a photo (or even a selection) of Frank Moore, which is royalty-free for an anlimited time.

We want to publish an article about candidates for the presidential election.

I would appreciate it very much if we would hear from you soon, because this article is planned for tomorrow, 4th of march 2008.

Thanks for your support!

Many greetings from Hamburg
Norbert Bayer
Speersort 1
20095 Hamburg

Frank Moore wrote:
another day, another country!

In Freedom,
Frank Moore

Dietmar, thanks for translating this. it's blowing our minds how we are reaching so many people with this campaign!

Dietmar Lorenz wrote:

Hi Linda,

Here are the translations. It isn't always easy to capture the tone or spirit when trying to stay close to wording used in the other language. Hope it helps.


The election campaign in the USA is determined by the candidates of two major parties – Republicans and Democrats. However, the picture that is conveyed by the media is deceptive and doesn’t address that there are many small parties and independent presidential candidates.


The majority is politically irrelevant; sometimes they don’t know how serious they should take their endeavor. Among the several dozen candidates that have already announced that they would run in the fall are: a self-declared vampire, an archangel and an extraterrestrial.

Zuender presents six candidates – some of whom might actually still have influence on the election campaign. And some who will hopefully never gain political significance.

Frank Moore (Just Makes Sense Party)

Official Website:


Person: Frank Moore has been handicapped since birth. A paralysis of the nervous system makes it impossible for him to speak or walk. Exposed to the civil rights movement in the mid-60s, he became interested in politics, and some of his political ideas seem to stem from that era: Frank Moore demands the radical transformation of America into a society of small villages, linked by a free transit system that operates around the clock. He promises all Americans an unconditional minimum (monthly) wage of $1000.

This shall be financed by a tax rate of 75% for millionaires (people with lower income pay a 10% flat rate tax for all income above the minimum (monthly) wage). In addition, Moore demands quitting nuclear (power), leaving Iraq, as well as free education and health care for everybody.

Or, how Moore puts it (with the help of his interpreter): „It just makes Sense!“

Qualifications: In the 90s, the professional artist gained experience with conservative politicians who wanted to cut the public funding for his hours long ritualistic sex performances.


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