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Sunday, March 30, 2008

From the chat tonight (3.14.08)

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Good evening...
Is Frank Moore here?
yes, he's here
LUVeR and baby-mac here are with Frank
This is wonderful....
How are things in Berkeley this evening? I live in Southern Californian.
things are super up here ... how do you know Frank? Can you tune into
I grew up in Berkeley.
How do I tune in?
I don't know Frank. I learned of him during a name search for someone else. I was astounded by his accomplishments. An amazing man..
go to and click on "Listen Now"
yes re: Frank!
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* Ronnie has joined #luver
Hi Ronnie
I went there and found an audio feed. What should I find?
Depending on what kind of audio player you use, you can select one of the streams ...
right now, the show playing is a rebroadcast of a KALX show, dj'd by Jesse Luscious
I understand. Are they live/
This show is streaming live, but is a rebroadcast ..., are the other folks shown as online here?
they are around, but away from the chatroom right now
did you know that Frank is running for President?
And by the way, am I speakng with Linda or Frank? Who do I have the pleasure of speaking?
Actually, you're speaking with Corey & Alexi ... we're students of Frank's
Yes I know that he is running. I tend to think that that either a tall black man or dumpy white woman will be President.
Unless something extraordinary happens, the old POW will fail.
Indeed. Nice to meet you.
Yes ... well, we're writing-in Frank!
I have read Frank's positions, and I have to say that I find him to be spot-on.
Cool! Yes, it really all "just makes sense".
With the economy on the brink, and an idiot like George Bush in office. Frank is a breath of fresh air.
That's really neat to hear! ... we will pass it on to him unless they see this soon ...
Unless who sees it soon?
Frank, Linda, et al ...
Do you want to be an elector for Frank?
I understand. So who do you guys fit into texture of are students of Frank.
yes, he is a shaman, and a teacher of how to live a happy, full, deep life!
that's what we're learning ...
Let me re-say that: how do you guys fint into the texture of things relative to Frank Moore. I understand you are students. Are you Cal Students too>
but right now, we gotta make dinner!
Okay...nice talking...


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