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Wednesday, March 05, 2008

inquiry from Radar magazine

From: Nick Curran
To: Frank Moore
Sent: Sunday, February 17, 2008 6:47 AM
Subject: inquiry from Radar magazine

Mr. Moore:

As you may or may not recall, I've written about your presidential campaign previously for Radar magazine.

I'm wondering if you might be willing to give an update on your recent campaign activities. Specifically, I'd be interested in a few things:

First, your feelings on the response you seem to be getting to your candidacy. I notice from your blog that there are Moore supporters near and far, and see that you just recently put out a call for electors in various states - what kind of response have you gotten thus far? How has your work as an artist played into the campaign - is it something that comes up frequently in discussions with voters?

Secondly, do you have any thoughts you'd like to share on the candidates who are getting most of the media attention? Anything you'd like to say to Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton? Mike Huckabee?

Finally, I see that Dr. Susan Block is your running mate. What kind of role has she played in your campaign, and what has she brought to your efforts? Do you think her addition makes your ticket even sexier than the Bush-Cheney ticket of 2000/2004? Is that even possible?

Thanks much for your attention. Look forward to hearing from you.

Nick Curran

Frank Moore wrote:
well, nick....there are levels of response. the response of people on the street to our platform is overwhelming. it gives them hope. they know it is practical, doable...except in the present political unreality. they like the direct talk about what affects their/our lives.

the media's response... there has been no coverage, with a few exception, in the u.s. traditional mainstream media...which was expected. but there is an amazing amount of interest both on the web and in europe. i get requests for interviews almost daily...including a polish magazine and a german film company. a swedish t.v. crew shot a segment about me. a piece about my campaign is coming out in a british magazine. maybe the u.s. media will discover me in europe! hey, they are debating my platform on the k.c. chiefs' site!

we have just started trying to get electors...really we haven't finished figuring out what each state requires. in fact we have forced a couple of states to change/clear up their write-in rules. quite a few states either outright ban write-ins or make it almost impossible to qualify. so their voters are locked in to the present two mainstream parties and thus are disinfranchised. this is the major block to a third-party candidate winning.

people get so into my platform that my being a performance artist, etc. doesn't come up...which is good art. in my art i stretch reality to expand possibilities. this might be the best performance i have ever done!

i picked suzy as my running mate because of her powerful intellect that allows her to run deep with the concepts we are representing. of course her sexiness and humor oil the gears! mmmmmm....are you suggesting bush and cheney have played together. suzy and i have!

i want to invite all of the other candidates to get together with me on my show to explore the real issues!

In Freedom,
Frank Moore

Nick Curran wrote:
Mr. Moore:

Thanks so much for the response. Having worked on some elections, I can sympathize with your frustration dealing with state election laws - they're a mess.

And here's the resulting post on Radar. Perhaps it will provoke some media outlets to take a closer look at your candidacy?

Please keep me posted on your activities; we'd be interested in keeping our readers apprised of your campaign work.

Thanks again.

Nick Curran

Frank Moore wrote:
this is a great piece, nick. thanks!

we checked...and your piece last year was the very first bit of coverage the campaign received.

In Freedom,
Frank Moore

From: Dr Susan Block Institute
To: 'Frank Moore'
Sent: Tuesday, February 19, 2008 11:57 PM
Subject: radar on frank

xo S

Frank Moore wrote:'s getting intense! just wait to read what came in today!

In Freedom,
Frank Moore

Nick Curran wrote:
Right on. Hope more attention comes your way - and please keep me posted on what's up. I'd love to write more about your campaign exploits.

Thanks again,
Nick Curran

Frank Moore rote:
i just put you on my e-salon so that you'll get all the campaign news!

In Freedom,
Frank Moore


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