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Name: lavapen

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Re: Art & Politics Series at CounterPULSE

On Mon, Feb 25, 2008 at 8:02 PM, Corey Nichoill wrote:

Hi Chris,

Loren Robertson from Counter-Pulse forwarded an email from me to you, but I just wanted to check in about it to make sure you got it ... I am writing to see if it would be possible to book performance artist and 2008 presidential candidate Frank Moore as a presenter for one of your "Art & Politics" nights at CounterPULSE.
(see: )

Looking through the other presenters that you have scheduled since last fall and into the first months of this year, I think Frank would fit very well into this series. You may know of Frank from all of the work he did at 848 some years ago, and he has been a radical performance artist in the Bay Area for many years. As an artist engaged now in what he has called a "2-year performance" otherwise known as "Frank Moore for President 2008", which is a reality-performance in which he is actually running for President, Frank can discuss the ways in which his candidacy has created both change and community in the same ways as his other performance work has done ... he can show slides/video of his political/art events that have been transformative on many levels, humanistically and politically. But more than anything, Frank will want to use his night as an opening for a deep discussion of the core issues facing all of us today, and a way to bring people together ... he will be available to be grilled on his presidential platform! The presentation will also reveal the political structures in place that seek to prevent the people from truly gaining political power in our current system by looking at the process for a write-in Presidential candidate in California and the rest of the U.S..


-- Corey Nicholl

Chris Carlsson wrote:
Hi Corey,

i did get that and I'm sorry i haven't responded already... We are planning now for the fall 08 through Spring 09.. I have Frank Moore as a possibility and will let you know when we decide. There's a meeting coming up on March 10 and I'll have a clearer idea about what is going to fit when after that...



Corey Nicholl wrote:
Hi Chris,

Just checking in after your Monday meeting ... any idea yet when it might work for Frank to do a night at the Art & Politics Series? Thanks!

-- Corey

Chris Carlsson wroye:
Hi Corey,

we talked it over and we decided that Frank won't fit our plans for the Art & Politics series. But thank you for inquiring... best of luck.


Frank Moore wrote:
mmmmm....a performance artist running for president doesn't fit in an"art and politics" series? interesting! a campaign that in the last 2 weeks has been in the major newspapers and magazines in england, germany, and poland just isn't that important!

In Freedom,
Frank Moore


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