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Saturday, March 08, 2008

they just contacted us today, wanting to do a story about the campaign!

Grab the best seat in the house and explore the world with Getaway ……

Australia's Number One National Travel Show

The Nine Network’s Getaway is Australia’s longest-running and highest-rating holiday and travel program, attracting around 2 million viewers in Australia and an estimated 10 million viewers worldwide.

Currently in its sixteenth year of production, Getaway has been on air, prime time, since 1992 and has attracted consistently high ratings since day one.

In Australia, Getaway airs weekly during prime time at 7:30pm on Thursdays. Getaway is also repeated on Saturday afternoons and shown on Foxtel’s ‘W’ Channel.

Getaway broadcasts internationally in New Zealand via both the Prime TV Network and the Living Channel, throughout Asia via the ABC Asia Pacific Service and Latin America via The Discovery Channel. Getaway also airs as part of Air New Zealand’s In-flight entertainment program.

Getaway is a collection of local and international travel stories focusing on destinations as holiday options – covering everything from adventure travel to family-friendly holidays to the ultimate in luxury escapes. Being a part of the show is a great opportunity to show off your product/destination to millions of keen travellers.

To give you an idea of the value of a story on Getaway, advertisers pay around AUS$39,000 (approx. US$29,000) for a 30-second advert nationally during Getaway. An international feature story typically runs 6-8 minutes.

Each international story finishes with an 'end tag', which is an on-screen text and voice over description of the destination details, the costs, seasonality as well as listing the name of the tour operator, airline and hotel where relevant.

Detailed story information, including contact numbers and website links are also posted and archived on the story “Fact Sheets” on the Getaway website at

The Getaway website is part of the ninemsn network, which attracts the largest online audience in Australia - that's around 8 million Australians per month.

The Getaway website is a popular travel planning tool for holidaymakers as it enables people to browse Getaway stories aired over the past decade as well as find destination-specific information such as visa requirements, shopping and sightseeing in most of the popular holiday destinations. Other features include a currency converter, worldwide weather updates and interactive mapping.

Viewers who do not have internet access can write in to receive Fact Sheets for each story.

Getaway is nationally and internationally recognized for the quality of its TV production and the excellence of its highly experienced camera crews.

Getaway typically sends a four-person crew to international destinations – a producer, a presenter, a cameraman and a sound recordist. The crew films with just one digital camera, a tripod and one boom microphone. Similar to a news crew, they do not require cranes, scaffolds, large transport trucks or lighting. The crew travels in a minivan, usually a 10-12 seater vehicle and always takes a local guide.


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